Setting Up Your NuGet Package Source

Setting Up Your NuGet Package Source

Assuming this is for internal use only, your best bet is likely going to be creating an internal nuget server or creating a network share (the network share is considerably slower than the nuget server) to house all of your NuGet packages.  If this is meant to be externally accessible, then you might want to consider letting NuGet host it.

For a cool and practical example, we created a network shared folder on our build server.  Every time the package builds, we have a nant script that packs and sends the package to the shared folder.  Voila!  NuGet now knows of the new version.

It’s worth mentioning that all of your .nupkg files do NOT have to be in the same folder.  You can set up your folder structure however you’d like, and NuGet will find everything just fine.

For example, our package source has a folder for each package:


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